What We Do

Sessions and Workshops


Drama Games

Based on our belief that children both learn and grow as individuals via drama, we have direct experience of individuals really developing their confidence within a fun group environment.  We know that learning to work as part of a team is a key life skill, and our sessions develop this skill while allowing each individual imagination to be expressed.

Our sessions and workshops teach the skills of the theatre, but in doing so they support the personal development of the children.

It is wonderful to see social skills flourish and confidence grow as the children develop their potential in a supportive and safe group.

Individual expression

We encourage each child to feel confident when expressing their own individual imagination, however quirky!

We provide a framework for this, but allow the children to do “Their Thing”, without too much restriction…. this is when the magic really happens, and each child can shine!

Kids will be doing “Their Thing” by……..

  • • Drama games for warm-ups.
    • Improvisation.


    Taxi Driver Exercise

    • Characterisations.
    • Working on scripts / narrative / poems.
    • Performance techniques.
    • Mime.
    • Vocal warm-ups.
    • Voice projection.
    • Understanding the stage layout and stage directions.
    • Theatrical make-up.
    • Technical stage skills.
    • Understanding how the voice works and the technique of correct breathing.

  • They also now have the opportunity to take LAMDA exams